Are You Avoiding Estate Planning?

Are You Avoiding Estate Planning?


Are You Avoiding Estate Planning?

Estate Planning is a topic people, just like you, don’t like talking about and don’t make a priority. So what is it about Estate Planning that has people avoiding it like the plague?

Well let’s take a look at your options….

The primary focus of estate Planning is death and taxes. These are topics people avoid for good reason. It’s a downer. The majority of people go through life ignoring the topics of death and taxes as if by doing so they can avoid both. No one has yet to say it better than Benjamin Franklin: “In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes.”

We don’t do regular Estate Planning; our reasoning is really quite simple. We don’t like talking about death or taxes either. Talking about spending a quarter of your wealth implementing boring old cookie-cutter plans, losing three quarters of your money to the government who will gift it to their beneficiaries and not yours, and the grand finale, DEATH, isn’t really the most exciting or motivating conversation. No fun at all.

We are changing the way people look at planning for the future. We don’t talk about death and taxes; we do talk about your future generations, and we do talk about wealth preservation. We work with you to create a family legacy that will get you excited about generating wealth and that gives you motivation to keep building your wealth. We put the twinkle of pure enjoyment back in your eye, helping you to take action to reduce or eliminate estate taxes. Multi-Generational Legacy Strategies are the beginning for future generations, not the end. We show you how to combine diverse entities to protect your wealth from devastating threats such as your toxic ex-spouses, your children’s future toxic ex-spouses, medical bills, current and future business partners, and frivolous legal actions. We show you multiple investment vehicles to grow your wealth without increasing estate taxes and while allowing you to keep all the control. Most importantly with our advanced strategies your wealth won’t be given away only to be squandered by the government.

If you want to get excited about planning for the future, visit our website and schedule a consultation. We look forward to working with you. But as always…. please contact the IRS for guidance