Your Most Important Business Asset: Your Past Customers

Your Most Important Business Asset: Your Past Customers


Customers make your business and are your most valuable assets. Imagine, what would your business do and where would you be without them. It is so important for any business to retain its customers. If you find your customers not dealing with you anymore, it is time you had introspection, as to what went wrong. Remember, that your most important business asset – your past customers need a call.

Let us review why customers do not stick with a business entity for long. Most businesses focus on attaining front-end sales, where they look for new customers once the sale is done. With primary focus on attaining new customers, they probably forget to retain their existing ones. What you need to understand here is that maintaining an existing customer is financially more viable in terms of cost than making newer ones.

It takes a lot of time and effort to develop customer relationship. Once customers have faith in your products or services, you can expect them to come back to you repeatedly. Losing a customer is not only a loss to your business, but also a wasted effort. This is why we send a small thank you card as general reminder. You can get these from all over the web – i personally use Catdi Printing, but you can find other companies Vista Print that offer this service.

Calling Your Past Customers
Get in touch with your past customers through newsletters, holiday cards, discount coupons or other incentives. Attracting their attention to your business will take lesser efforts, since they are accustomed to your ways of doing business. Inform them of the range of your products and services, to renew contacts.

Call your past customers and you are sure to add zap to your business. Do all that is necessary to retain your customers.