About Me

About Me

The Forume.biz is brought to by John Hayes. who is a Direct Mail  Response Marketing Pro. John Hayes has been successfully entrepreneuring for 35+ years. He has built several multi-million dollar enterprises that have generated tens of millions of dollars in revenue.

In 2007, John Hayes was featured in the movie Chopper Charlie – one of the follow up movie to the cult hit The Secret. He will be appearing in another movie in 2009 that will also star such legends as Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul) and T. Harv Eker (Secrets of the Millionaire Next Door).

Upcoming in 2019, John Hayes will also star with many A-List celebrities in a movie that will reveal the secrets of success and the power of giving back to others. With the star power that will be attached to it, John Hayes  will surely be caught up into a whirlwind of publicity along with several walks down the red carpet. And yes, he will pull out all of the stops in marketing his upcoming movie.

Unlike many, he practices what he preaches.John Hayes spends 40% of his time working on his own businesses and splits his remaining time as a speaker and working with his clients. By doing this, he has a greater understanding of the ever-changing landscape of direct response marketing.

His lifelong fascination with the psychological triggers that motivate people to do what they do has led him to consume hundreds of books, audio and video packages and an ongoing stream of seminars on the subject — both past and present experts. The resulting compilation of knowledge coupled with a natural talent as a wordsmith has placed John Hayes in the upper echelons of top gun marketers.

His ability to hypnotically attract prospects to his clients is making him the go to guy in the industry.

John Hayes provens strategies are the same as some of the direct response company heavy-weights such as Gunthy-Renker, Blueblocker Sunglasses and Orek Vaccum Cleaners.

As a sought after public speaker, he has amazed crowds all over the world. During one presentation in Frankfurt, Germany, a third of the attendees were compelled to drive eight hours (each way) just to hear John Hayes speak for 30 minutes.