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Marketing Ideas

Do Something Different to Compete Against the Big Guys


Do Something Different to Compete Against the Big Guys but the question is but what!!

How to compete against the big guys and win? One thing is sure: it will not be easy. Multi-national companies with their multi-million-dollar businesses are taking charge of the business all over world. This has made small companies struggle for their existence. Those businesses that are in direct competition with these big companies are particularly more at the risk of losing the ground.

Certainly, there is no way in which small companies can compete with these mega companies. However, they still can earn plenty money by adopting certain strategies.

Give Personal Attention to Every Customer
Being a small company, you are in a position to give special treatment and personal attention to every single customer that comes to you. On the other hand, it is not possible for a large company to concentrate on every customer. By capitalizing on this advantage, you can create a number of customers that are loyal to you only. You may benefit repeat customers by rewarding them discounts, special “loyal customer only sales”, or gift to frequent buyers.

Form Alliances with Other Small Businesses
You may invite other similar small companies to form an alliance. To compete with these mega-sized companies, even joining with their rivals will be beneficial to all small companies. By making such alliances you can purchase at more competitive rates and your marketing costs are less because of sharing.

Entice Customers
Another way could be to sell a few selected products even below cost price. It will attract customers to your business. Once a customer enters your store he is sure to buy some other products also. Ultimately you will earn profits from this kind of arrangement.

New Ways to Market
Some old ideas are still relevant like direct mail marketing. Joe Sammut is a direct mail marketing guru  at Checkout his blog on how we can help choose smart marketing techniques that can help you out think larger companies.

You can also compete with these big companies by specializing in a particular product area. This kind of specialization is not possible for mega companies. Therefore, you get an edge over them.


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